Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My knee has been bothering me so I'm taking a 2-3 week hiatus from running. Kind of sucks. I've been biking a bit, but mostly just being worthless.

EXCEPT for rock climbing :) We went to Tram a couple weeks ago and it was all snowed in. You can see my and Eric's adventures at Eric & Jeff's blog - East Side Bouldering. There is some pad sledding videos and some actual bouldering. And no, I'm not touching the snow.
Besides that, we've been hittin' up Bishop... more specifically the Buttermilks. I for one LOVE the Buttermilks. This is an area known for powerful problems, and since I lack power one might find this ironic. However, I really like it there, and have been sending some cool stuff. My project is the Fly Boy Arete, which I can almost do in two parts (there is one move I can't do that would link the two)... hopefully I can send before the season ends in Bishop!!!

My Project - Fly Boy Arete - v5 - Buttermilks