Monday, June 16, 2008

DP Dough

Now I'm even more excited to go to my yoga conference in September. Not only am I going to have a hippiefest weekend, AND go climbing, but now I get to have DP DOUGH too! I just found out there's one in Boulder (the more I learn about Boulder, the more I see no reason to not move there). If you've never had DP Dough, I highly recommend it. It's pretty much a staple at UD. And with such low start up costs, I think we (we being me and anyone else interested) should open one at CSUF. Or UCI.

Holiday in Cambodia

Next March, I'm going to go to Cambodia for 10 days! Why? (one might ask) I'm going with United Planet, an international volunteer group. I'm going to be teaching in the community and hanging out with kids. I'm super-psyched - too bad it's 9 months away! I guess that gives me plenty of time to brush up on my Khmer (the primary language there). Yeah...right...

Monday, June 9, 2008


*** news flash ***

At the gym tonight I did 3 full pull-ups. That's a record. For me.

*** that is all ***

430 miles on 8.5 gallons of gas???

Yes, that's right, that's an average of 50.5 miles per gallon. There's even a picture of the proof. And that was how we ended our weekend in Tahoe. I would like to thank Jeff for pulsing and gliding his way through the mountains and Eric for taking up the slack and finishing the trip (I had the middle shift). Take that oil companies!

The rest of the weekend was just as sweet. Eric and I left for Lake Tahoe Friday afternoon, picking up Jeff in Mammoth Lakes. We continued on to the Best Tahoe West Inn, which was okay. But I can't complain, it was free :)

Saturday (ERIC'S BIRTHDAY)...After a pit stop to skip some rocks and take some special "geology" pictures,

we went up to Donner Summit and Eric did his first boulder problem in 2 months...
And holy crap I climbed some slab - must've been the Team Green influence.

photo by Eric

Sunday... could only climb until 1, and it got f-ing hot.

Jeff on Asteroid until he decided he couldn't climb on the face of the sun anymore.

In conclusion, it was a good weekend.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Daisy!

Today Daisy turns 3! The first couple pictures are from when she was a couple months old, and the last three are more recent...