Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yoga, Pinkberry, and Sweet Lady Jane Bakery!!!

Ok from now on, I will not slack with my posting, I will not slack with my posting...

Today I went to a yoga tune-up workshop with Jill Miller at the Center for Yoga in LA. The Center is on Larchmont Blvd., which is just like Santa Monica Blvd. or Venice Blvd. meaning there is people everywhere and not so much parking. After going up and down the street once, I got lucky and found a spot right around the corner :) The workshop focused on hips, which is a weak point for me considering my running is/has been suffering due to my hip inflexibility. Jill is a great instructor, and I hope to go to another one of her workshops soon! The Center happened to be right next door to the infamous Pinkberry, which for those of you who don't know, is a frozen yogurt store (literally yogurt, not ice cream tasting yogurt like Golden Spoon) with 3 flavors - vanilla, green tea, and coffee. I got the green tea and I have to say I was quite disappointed. It tasted tangy like yogurt and barely like green tea. I'll stick to my green tea smoothies from Jamba Juice and my frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon. Before going, I had looked up Sweet Lady Jane Bakery on the internet and planned on going to taste some of the cake. I had seen the cake on the Dr. Phil show, but I haven't been in LA since I saw it to be able to try it out. OMG I should have gone sooner!!!! I don't like cake really (except ice cream cake) or icing, but I am in love with Sweet Lady Jane bakery. I got a piece of the Almond Roca and the Triple Berry Shortcake. I decided that when I get married I am going to have BOTH ice cream cake and the Triple Berry Shortcake. I am half tempted to get somebody a cake for their birthday or something just so I can go cake tasting and taste them all :)


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