Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's been a long time...

Since I posted. Wow. Let's review what's happened since APRIL 1st!

Well I'm not doing much of that... I'm officially back in PT for my knee. I feel good about it this time, the therapist I'm working with found that I have super tight hip flexors (no big surprise) and a "loosey goosey" pelvis. So we're going to stretch and build up muscles and stuff. It better happen fast, I have to start training for my marathon in Greece in the beginning of November!

Eric is still not climbing because of his finger injury, but we've still been going up to the Tram a lot. I sent my project from last Tram season, Aquaman. I also sent some other cool stuff (both hard for me and scary for me), so I'm psyched to hit up Tram this summer.

Spirit of the Forest, V4
photo by Jeff

Unnamed, V2
photo by Eric

AND I got a sweet new crashpad from Organic!

Eric and I completed the Kring & Chung Newport Beach Triathlon in April. It was fun and we've been bitten by the tri bug. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours for my first one, and I succeeded, so I'm totally ready for more. It is also important to note that we did this triathlon after wine tasting the day before and driving home from Solvang at midnight the night before (the picture to the right is at Sunstone Winery). I've started working with Mike Collins, who is a USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, and he has already helped my swimming, which is my biggest weakness. We've registered for the June Lake Tri in July up near Mammoth Lakes, so that will be exciting. Good thing the run is only 1.5 miles, since I haven't run much of anything lately

After the triathlon, I was looking for triathlon resources and found the Triathlon LAB. It's an awesome tri store in Redondo Beach. Long story short, Lloyd and Tere have signed me on as one of their models! I've done a test shoot, and they're going to schedule a real photo shoot soon. I'll definitely post about that once it happens! :)

The big 2-5!
On May 18th, I turned 25! I am consoled by the fact that when Kendra and I went to Las Vegas in April, the bouncer at ghostbar almost didn't let me in because he thought I had a fake ID.
Eric and I went on a cruise to Ensenada for my bday. It was good times. See the pictures...

Little Corona, Big Corona, Mexico style
The napkin ears were not my idea... they were from the waitress, but at this point I really didn't care either way.

La Pharmacia - need Viagra? Penicillin? How about some painkillers?

"Fun day at sea"

I have really been needing to get into the climbing gym and work on my endurance and open hang strength, so today I did just that. Yeah I missed out on a day of outside climbing to go to the gym (boo) but I got some good work in, and I'm ready to send some stuff I've been working on within the next couple weeks! Eric and I are going to Tahoe next weekend for his bday (Jeff might come along, too), so we're hoping to check out some of the climbing up there :)

Final Thought

NKOTB IS BACK! For those of you who were not obsessed with this 90's boy band, New Kids on the Block is back. They are going to be in LA in October, and since the closest I came to a concert in the 90s was a VHS recording... who wants to go with me????

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Deneil Hopkins said...

hey Abbie...gr8 blog!...well i too m newbie to triathlon...but d sport doesn't get off my mind all the while... wish i be a part of the same one day....tht being said....all d vry best to u.. :)