Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My First Earthquake

It's official. As of 11:42 a.m. on Tuesday, July 29th, I am no longer an earthquake virgin. I was standing around in my classroom when I heard the rumbling. I thought it was just some kids running around upstairs until it got more rumbly and the ground started shaking too. Here is the play-by-play -

Me (thinking to myself as I look up at the ceiling): Man those kids are loud...
My instructional aide: "It's an earthquake."
Me: "Really?"
Instructional aide: "Uh, yeah."
--Now the rumbling and the rolling has stopped--
Instructional aide (sounding a little panicky): "What should we do now??"
Me: "Go under the tables!"
At this point I basically dive under the table as I tell the kids to get down, too. I realize there are like 3 kids looking under the table at me like I'm crazy while my instructional aides are trying to get the rest of my preschoolers under another table. The announcement came over that we were all clear and the day went on as planned.
Basically my kids didn't even notice that anything had happened and they thought their new teacher was just a crazy person diving under the table. Apparently news of the earthquake blew up on the east coast and that's when the texts ensued. But as Lindsay so eloquently put it, punk ass earthquake ain't got nothin on this neezy.

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