Saturday, October 18, 2008


So I had been avoiding looking at my blog because I knew it had been soo long since I've posted. And not that I have hundreds of blog viewers, but I still need to get it on it. For myself. And indeed it had been soo long since I've posted. July 30th in fact. Since then I've done another triathlon (Santa Barbara Triathlon), went to Colorado for climbing/yoga and had a close encounter with an elk,
and we moved into a house.

Still up - trip back to DE, marathon in Greece, and potential 10K in Death Valley. I'm heading back to the east coast this month because tickets were around $250 now, and double that for Christmas, but I have big plans for the trip - running a 5K/10K on the same day, yoga and dinner with Amy, a trip to the Gunks, and a tattoo!

Part of the reason I was "inspired" to write this blog is because recently I've been reading lots of other people's blogs that I find interesting, so I figured if I ever want someone to read my blog and think that it's interesting, I should probably post something on it.

So instead of posting a long blog that's really about nothing, I'll just end with a short list of things I've been recently excited about:

greece and madrid
climbing in bishop (it's coming!!!)
sharing peter's canyon with daisy
finishing my thesis draft
going offtrack
corepower yoga

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