Sunday, October 19, 2008

El Moro Madness

I planned on running El Moro and practicing my photo skills since that's almost all I'll be doing, and talking about how much I like El Moro even though it kicks my butt again and again. So I started my run and took a couple pictures so everyone can see the beauty of the place :)

view of the ocean from the top of the first hill. the sun was too bright :(

after the first hill, they continued. for 3 miles. the steeper ones followed the ones above.
the dry view from the ranger station end of the park

mini cactus field
the prettier view from the other end of the park... hard to believe the ocean is only 4 miles away

almost done!
One of the best things about el moro is that it's across the street from the beach, so you can get an ice bath after a hard run :)

After a few minutes in the ocean I walked down the street to where my car was parked and started up the PCH on my way home. Then I saw the car pictured below...
1. It's a Bentley, which isn't that out of the ordinary in Newport Beach. 2. A gray haired guy with his hair perfectly styled despite the convertible top? Again, not that special. The kicker? 3. He was BLARING "You Shook Me All Night Long". Maybe I shouldn't have been that surprised, but hello, mid-life crisis much??

Then later I saw another Bentley, which surprised me because I haven't seen two in one day before. This one looked more like a Chrysler 500 and was not a convertible.

Then near Fashion Island I was stopped at a light and I saw a person a couple cars up toss a cigarette butt out of her SUV window. Before I could even finish a thought about how I feel about that, a hand pops out the window with ANOTHER cigarette in her hand. Like she literally must have lit the new cigarette with the old one. Can't get the cancer in you much faster than that!

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Jessica Deline said...

wow. I've forgotten how dry it looks there :) El Moro is a great place to run though. The running here it beautiful but lots of places don't offer views because of all the trees so the trails can look the same after a while..

The mid life crisis guy was funny.