Sunday, October 4, 2009

1 in 1,000

I heard about JACK fm's Fourth Show on the radio a couple weeks ago, and thought it sounded awesome - Foreigner, Joan Jett, the B-52s, George Clinton, Eddie Money, Ratt, and Missing Persons. Unfortunately, concert tickets are not currently in "the budget", so it was a no go. Then I heard about them giving away tickets every hour on the radio, and the number was 1-800-931-JACK, but my phone doesn't have the telephone keypad, it has the QWERTY keypad, so I didn't know what numbers JACK was. Then I heard on the radio that they were giving away tickets to the first 1,000 cars to drive through the Honda Center on Oct. 4 (today) at noon . Lucky for me, the Honda Center is a 5 minute drive, so I went over around 10:15 a.m. and by 11 a.m. I had my tickets in hand! Thanks JACK :)

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