Thursday, November 8, 2007

2 weeks down!!

Well my second week of healing involved a flu. I think. It started with a sore throat, then I developed a cough (my worst nightmare after a hernia surgery) and then the fever came. So my second week was mostly spent in bed. Which may not have been such a bad idea because it forced me to rest. Now that I can somewhat keep up with the average person walking-wise, maybe I was trying to do too much and the flu was my body's sick way of grounding me. Eh. I decided to post a picture that I took in August at Rocky Mountain National Park to remind me that in 2 weeks I'll be back to climbing and running. Outside. And I will not be stuck in this house!!!!!

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Addy said...

glad you're feeling better! I think I'm actually getting sick again after feeling briefly better over the weekend. Working with little kids just kills you the first year!

Such a great picture and a great thing to look forward to. I"m sure the outside will be excited to welcome you back :D