Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Our trip to Utah was fun. It was COLD (high 30s - low 40s) which is something I'm certainly not used to since I've lived in SoCal for the past couple years. We bundled up with our thermals and it wasn't tooo bad. I got to do some climbing, and today I'm going for my first run in almost 5 weeks! I think it's only gonna be a couple miles, but yay anyway :) I'm hoping to be ready for LA, but I'm not so sure... I turn in my paperwork to officially commit with TNT in a couple weeks, and I'm nervous! My longest run before the marathon might be just 17 miles...

Here are some pictures from the trip... nothing too exciting - it's Utah, remember??

This is the only article of clothing that we have for Daisy, and believe me, she needed it!

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