Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cambodia Part 4

July 12

$2.50 breakfast at the Temple Club. Amazing. A picture is better than a description...

We went to the Bodia Spa and got a 1 hour massage, body exfoliation, and 1 hour facial, AND a pedicure. Amazing.

July 13

We dug at ditch at Khmer Chewy Khmer today and saw a crab. It looked just like a crab from the east coast, but it was in the dirt in Cambodia. It was strange.
We went back that night and taught for a bit. Everyone knew that it was my last night there, so Phaly’s wife made us a delicious meal and we had a dinner party! We had eggplant, rice, and homemade French fries. I can’t even describe in words how amazing Phaly is for what he does for those children and the people of Cambodia. The teachers there are volunteers that often drive hours to teach for hours after working all day. He inspires everyone he meets and has such a passion for making his country a better place. There aren’t many people in this world like him, and he is a person that I will never forget.not the best picture of me & phaly, but the only one I have

July 14

Last day in Cambodia. We had breakfast, then everyone left for Khmer Chewy Khmer. I rode a bike into town and putzed around for a bit, then went back and got one last tuk-tuk ride to the airport. I was really sad to leave.

Off to Bangkok!!!

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