Sunday, September 30, 2007

I think I've created a monster...

... pre-running routine, that is. I just got back from a lovely 12 mile run. I say lovely because it was a million times better than my 10 mile run last weekend - yay! Unfortunately I've created a pre-run routine that can't possibly be broken now. An hour before the run, I took 2 Aleves. I also took 3 capsules of SportLegs (http://sportlegs.com/about/welcome.asp). Then 10 minutes before the run, I used my foam roller and stretched. and stretched. and stretched some more.
I started out my actual run around 11 a.m. (yes 11. Sometimes I'd rather sleep in and run in the heat than get up early.) I decided that a 9 min. run/1 min. walk routine was not enough break for my knee, so I went with an 8/2. My first 6 miles were tough mentally. I was planning on running to the Santa Ana River Trail (1 mile) then 2.5 miles one way, then double back and do 2.5 miles the other way, then the 1 mile home. I got to 3.5 miles and decided I really had to pee so I'd run to the port-a-potty that was only .5 more miles away (vs. 3 miles in the other direction). Then I decided I could at least keep going to 5 and then I'd only have 1 mile extra in the other direction. Then I finally decided to just do all 6 in the same direction, and turn around and come back. On the way out I ran at a conservative pace, and ended up running faster on the way back (maybe because I told myself I was running home...). I have rarely been more excited to see the blue and yellow Embassy Suites hotel that marks Glassell, where I get to turn and go home. Throughout the run I stopped and stretched my muscles when they tightened up, which seemed to help. Now I'm icing my knee, so hopefully it will feel great tomorrow! And my total time was 2:07, about 7 minutes off what I had hoped, but still fine all the same.
And I'm pretty sure that I lied to Eric (sorry). When we were in Colorado hiking at the end of one of the most exhaustive days of my life, I told him that how we felt was how you feel at the end of a 1/2 marathon (he has never run one, and is at the OC Marathon). Well I was wrong. That day was WAY worse than how you feel after a 1/2 marathon. So yay for 1/2 marathons!

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Jessica Deline said...

good job on your run! Geesh. With that pre-run routine you'll have to get up at like 3AM before the Nike Half! :)