Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Runner's Woes

So my knee bothered me a bit (okay a lot) when I ran the Rock N Roll Marathon in 2006. I took time off, came back, got shoulder surgery, took some more time off, and came back gradually starting in Feb. A couple months ago I built my mileage back up to double digits and started noticing some manageable knee pain. Last weekend I ran 10 and had considerable knee pain and then the next day the middle of my kneecap hurt. I'm almost 100% sure this is Runner's Knee, but I also have issues with my plica on the side of my knee. Kind of a bummer since I'm doing the Nike Women's 1/2 in a month, but then I'm having hernia surgery, so I'll have forced time off.
What to other people do to avoid injury? I suppose I could go 3 weeks on running, 1 week cross training only... hmm...


Jessica Deline said...

I think it depends on the injury. I used to have lots of hip problems but my old chiro showed me some good stretches that helped and I don't have too many issues anymore so long as I don't go crazy upping miles to fast or too much pavement, etc... Good luck :)

e-rod said...

oh, that sucks, abbie! that damn knee pain is back?!? well, what's helped me take care of my knees is doing quad strengthening exercises with weights--squats, leg lifts, leg presses. you'll probably want to start slow with those though if you don't normally do weights. cross training on the bike (spinning) might help strengthen those quads too.