Thursday, October 25, 2007


My hernia surgery is complete. I feel pretty good - I got some meds, a pain pump, some ice, and Eric to take care of me :) It was a quick surgery, and now it's over and I'm on the (speedy) road to recovery! I'm hoping this doesn't but too much of a hinder on my climbing or my running, I was starting to gain momentum in both. Hopefully this break from activity will help rather than hurt. Not that I can do anything outside anyway because of all the fire, smoke, and ash :(

My pain pump. Yes, that's a clip on top so it clips to my pants.
Pretty sweet. ------------------------------->


Addy said...

glad the surgury went so well! Hopefully it'll be a speedy recovery :)

Stay safe down in Socal!

amanda said...

I think you faked the injury so you could get the cool clip on gear! Haha, that thing is great. Does it hang outside your pants or do you have to put it in your pants? Akward.

Abbie said...

sshhh i'm all about faking injuries to get cool gear - a sling for my shoulder, ball thingie for my hip...the ball part hangs outside the pantalones. i only had to wear it for a couple days, and i took it out early because it was buggin' me.