Monday, October 29, 2007

4 weeks!

In 4 short weeks I will be back in action :) It's going to be a looong 4 weeks of doing nothing, but after that I can run and climb to my heart's desire! Woo-hoo! Then I can really start training for OC 1/2 in January. Eric is running that with me, and we're going to go for sub-2 hours :)


Jessica Deline said...

You already did sub 2 so I'm sure you'll reach that goal. 4 weeks will be over in no time. Isn't it almost down to 3 weeks already??

Deef Fourjay. said...

Yeah, me, "two"! (sub 2 hours)...
Always been better on the long runs, for some reason.

Good luck training!(after smoke clears, good timing!)