Monday, October 8, 2007

This weekend

We had an fun time in Bishop this past weekend, and the climbing bug is back! Unfortunately, I might only get outside one more time until my hernia surgery :(
The ride up on Friday night was long, as usual, but we got a good start and got to Jeff's house around 1 a.m. Saturday morning we had the best breakfast ever - a big bowl of oatmeal with walnuts, brown sugar, and almond milk. I recommend it as a high energy breakfast. I left a little early to run a few miles, and ended up doing a little over 4, including a big hill and a monster hill (all at 4300 ft. and a 8-8:30 pace on the flatter parts - great run!). We climbed at the Happies the first day, and Daisy had lots of fun running around. I got my Five Fingers shoes from Wilson's that night - yay! My world was also opened to tuna melts... mmm...
Day 2 we went to the Buttermilks. Daisy's feet were a little raw after an hour or so of running around in the gravel that is the Buttermilks. It took her awhile to notice since she was busy eating part of a dead rabbit... she was being a wild dog (Yes Eric and I checked the rabbit to make sure it wasn't going to make her sick, and it looked like it had been killed late the night before or early in the freezing morning). I did a slab problem that I should've flashed but I chickened out twice because slab is scary.
Overall, Eric and I both had a great weekend (though it was a little hot in Bishop) and sent some cool stuff!!! I can't wait to go back and work on some of my newly found projects! My only disappointment was that I didn't get to meet Lisa Rands because her parents were in town :(


Eric on Acid Wash (V10)

Me on Meth Squealer (V2)