Thursday, October 11, 2007

Under pressure...

This weekend is the 1st annual 5K for the school district I work for. And I signed up. What's the big deal? Well everyone just about I work with knows I run, so I have to do well. Though most people wouldn't know the difference between a 20 min 5K and a 30 min. 5K, I know the difference, so it matters to me! My previous PR is 22:33 from the Memorial Day 5K earlier this year, and my goal is to at least break that PR, and to break 22 min. if I'm feeling especially fast. I'm going to reorganize my iPod for optimal motivation. I'm sad that Eric won't be there since he's on the east coast, but that might be a little more motivation - getting to tell him I ran super fast :) The course is flat, which disappoints me a bit since I like to use the hills to pass other people. But we'll see what happens. Like I told Jessica, I doubt there are many teachers in the 18-24 age bracket, much less teachers that run. So unless someone's high school xc runner child shows up, I just might place in my age group!!! Cross your fingers for me Sunday morning :)

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