Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm back!

So I took a sort of hiatus from lots of things in my life since the beginning of the new year, just one of many of these things is blogging. Now that I'm an official lululemon "blog artist" with the new company blog that will be live in mid-April, I figure that I should keep up with my personal blog as well. My blog assignment is travel, so I'm super excited to write about my marathon in Greece, my upcoming Cambodia trip, and all my mini adventures to San Fran, Colorado, the east coast, etc. etc. etc.! Eric and I were talking about traveling the other night and I realized just how passionate I am about travel. Nobody can take away what you see and what you experience, and every experience means something different to each person.

Otherwise...I'm training for another triathlon - the Irongirl Lake Las Vegas on May 9th. I'm doing an olympic distance this time - 1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run. I feel pretty confident about the run, a little nervous about the bike, and really nervous about the swim, so I joined a training group with Michelle, a fellow lulu. We're training with Martha, who is an amazing coach! We don't have an official team name yet, but it's in the works ;)

Cruising in to the transition area
photo by Jeff Sillcox at the June Lake Tri

Moving on to a big picture update... there is a HUGE problem with the California education budget. Education is very obviously NOT a priority to the California government. Our state is ranked 50 out of the 50 states and lots of teachers are getting laid off. Cutting programs and losing teachers doesn't change the number of children in schools, which means they have to be spread out among other classes, making it very difficult for the teachers that are left. Basically it's just not a good situation.

And I'm out, but I'll be back again, and this time not 3 months from now :)

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