Wednesday, January 2, 2008

etsy.com and potential 1/2 marathon weather

I rarely watch the Rachel Ray show in the morning, but one morning a couple weeks ago I flipped it on and there was a small part of the show in which she talked about this website, etsy.com. Turns out, it's pretty cool. It's a marketplace for handmade items. I found loloandlily's shop, and asked the owner, Karen, if she would be able to make me a purplish scarflette (not to wear in Anaheim, mind you, but when we go climbing). She came up with this, which is totally awesome and I'm so happy with it -

Sadly, there will be no outdoor climbing this weekend because it's supposed to rain everywhere, and we can't go up to Bishop because Sunday is the 1/2 marathon. Rain everywhere this weekend + 1/2 marathon on Sunday = the suck. I should consider myself lucky that there is *only* a 60% chance of rain that day, and that I haven't had to run in ran in any other race in my life (except maybe a couple in high school). Eric and I are going to hit up Goodwill for some pre-race rain gear that we can shed once the race starts. At least now we kind of have an excuse if we don't break 2 hours ;)

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