Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wicked - GO SEE IT (and potential 1/2 marathon weather update)

Eric and I went last night to the Pantages Theater last night to see Wicked and it was amazing!!! It is on Hollywood Blvd., so Eric got to see the stars for the first time ever...covered in a river of water because of the deluge coming out of the sky. I won't ruin anything, I'll just say the play is much more optimistic than the book, and some things are a little different. All in all, it was pretty awesome. This was my first official musical (I saw CATS off Broadway when I was a kid so that doesn't really count because I don't even really remember it) and Eric thinks it is up there with Les Mis (his favorite musical), so it was pretty good. The only drama was when this guy was taking pictures and the usher told him to check it downstairs and he refused and was being a real douche about it. Then the 2nd Act started and he gave up the camera. I hope they deleted all the pictures on it... not just the theater ones either!
And we lost Eric's wallet after he paid the parking lot attendant. After a search of the car when we were halfway home, we decided to turn around check the parking lot. Luckily, it was still sitting in the parking lot, waterlogged. So our night was not ruined after all!!!

1/2 Marathon Weather Update -
was 60% chance of rain, now 80% chance :( But it hasn't rained yet today so maybe it will rain late tomorrow, too. Go 20%!!!!!!!!

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Jessica Deline said...

Nickie and I are going on Feb 9. Can't wait!!