Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random fist pound with a stranger

I'll get to the title in a minute, first it's important to note the condition of my knee. And by condition I mean sucking. The sucking of my knee. I did 6 miles today (I was supposed to do 15, then 8, then downgraded to a super easy 6). I probably could've done the 8, but I felt a twang or two so I decided to take it easy. I'm pretty bummed that I apparently really irritated it at the 1/2 last weekend, but I'm hoping if I take it kind of easy for now I'll still be okay.
After running, I had to take a CPR class. Fun. Then I went to Snail's Pace to pick up some new sneakers, so that was kind of exciting. I figured I should get a new pair before I start putting in some really long runs on my old shoes.
I decided that I have been missing the yoga in my life so I went down to Costa Mesa for some yoga. In the parking lot, I'm waiting to turn left and this guy turns and stops next to me. He asks me if I take yoga and if I like it because he's had ADD for 6 years and he wants something to calm him down. Now granted it's not THAT strange since I was in the parking lot in front of the yoga studio, BUT the parking lot is a huge shopping center and the yoga studio is above a bank that I could've been going to, and I certainly don't have my yoga mat sticking out the window. Anyway... I explained that I do really like yoga, but I get bored sometimes and it took me awhile to be able to calm my mind down to do it for an hour and a half. Then I told him that I'm a runner so yoga is good for stretching. His reply? "You're much more hardcore than I am" and stuck his fist out the window. I returned the pound and strange fist pound guy and his dog drove off. It was a little weird. I was slightly concerned that he might show up in my yoga class, but I figured he wouldn't since his dog was in the car. Maybe he just spotted me as a "metro" hippie and assumed I practiced yoga... Maybe I just give off the "vibe"...

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