Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NO running for 2 WEEKS!

Went to Dr. Bakman yesterday. He poked around my knee a little and decided that it is still irritated underneath the kneecap and I need to let it heal. So I'm not allowed to run for 2 weeks. I'm allowed to ellipticalize and bike to my heart's content, but that's a problem considering we're still in the "new years resolution" time frame at the gym and my bike has a flat tire. I'm kind of bummed, but I think I'll just work really hard on stretching and strengthening my hip so that my knee is good to go on marathon day. Dr. Bakman said that it is better to have healthy tissue and less conditioning than more conditioning but damaged tissue. I guess he's right. At least I'm still allowed to run LA, and it's not totally hopeless!

In other news, Eric and I signed up for the Newport Beach triathlon in April. I'm superpsyched for my first tri... I just need to do a little research because I have no idea how they work except you swim some, bike some, and run some!


Jessica Deline said...

bummer about not running for 2 weeks but cool about your upcoming Tri!

e-rod said...

a tri...yay!!!!

good luck and have fun training for that one.