Sunday, January 6, 2008

Quickest Race Recap Ever

So I finished the OC 1/2 marathon about 2 hours ago, and yes I'm blogging about it. Eric is in the shower and I'm waiting to go eat something so I figured why not. LUCKILY there was NO rain! Yay for that 20%. It rained for like 15 minutes and then sprinkled some on the shuttle ride back which made me very glad I was not running the full marathon today. The race started off as all races do - very anti-climactic - as we walked to the start and then had to zig zag through the thousands of people to settle on our pace. As a result, we ended up running almost an extra 1/2 mile. Boo. The first few miles were uneventful and went by pretty quickly. At 7 miles we were just a little over an hour, so I figured we would be on our way to breaking 2 hours for Eric's first 1/2. I knew that I was going to hit a wall around mile 10 (of course I was with that attitude I guess!) so I tried to make up for the inevitable sucking by flying down the hills and trying to stay consistent uphills. Eric stayed pretty strong throughout the whole race, trying to go a little faster than he should have in the beginning, so I had to rein him in a couple times. Overall, he did great and I'm so proud of him :) The only low point of the race was during mile 12. We stopped for our walk break and I seriously thought I was going to throw up. Not like that fast 5K knot in your stomach kind of feeling, like I really thought my pre-race oatmeal was coming up. But it didn't, and we pushed on. Finally we reached the 13 mile marker and could see the finish line. I picked it up the best I could and then Eric took off chasing down some kids since I was "no competition" in the sprint contest.
Official time - 1:57:23 (for 13.58 miles, meaning if we hadn't have zig zagged and been crazy people, we probably would've finished closer to 1:52, since our average pace was 8:39, including a 1 minute walk break after each 9 minutes of walking.) This is 1 minute slower than my PR, but my PR is 1:56:25, and a 8:44 pace. So technically I broke my PR today, but not "officially". :( At least Eric set a PR and his first 1/2 was under 2 hours :)

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