Saturday, December 22, 2007

Crappy 11 Miles

I should've known that my run today was destined for failure based on my Friday. I wanted to run on Thursday, but I ended up taking the day off from everything, which was actually really hard for me. I could've ran anytime on Friday, but I waited until late Friday afternoon to run, mistake #1. Mistake #2 - trying a new yoga, Vinyasa yoga, that was really quite hard, so I was pretty worn out today from that. So I shouldn't have been surprised when I went to run my 11 miles today and I felt bad from the start. I decided to go out to Chino Hills and run some easy miles. I headed out and decided to only run 8 miles on trails in case it started to get dark. I didn't want to go out by myself, but I didn't really have a choice, so the whole time I'm paranoid about mountain lions or crazy people. Then my legs feel like lead. Then I run out to the park at Brea and I full on trip and fall on some root, scraping up my knees and feeling like a dumbass. I'm getting a little frustrated at this point so I head back and then someone stops to ask me for directions, which was fine, except I had just watched a Law and Order: SVU marathon so all kinds of thoughts were running through my head. I start running again and feel pretty good until I realized I didn't turn my watch back on (I had stopped it when I stopped to talk). At this point I knew it was mind over matter so I tried really hard to change my thinking, but I couldn't. Finally, I was almost done. I went to step over a stream and my foot slipped and went into mud, which coated half of my foot. I had to laugh at this point and just be glad I didn't slip and fall down again. And my sock didn't get wet, which was amazing to me. I went up the last hill and past the car because I decided to run 3 more miles to get my full 11 in all at once. I ran on the dirt horse path next to the road, and my knees were kind of sore, but I decided that it was from the scrapes and swelling, not my runner's knee issues. Eventually I finished and haven't really stopped going since (not that I had a break before that taking Daisy to camp and then getting shoes). I had to go around putting up posters for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's information meetings in January, then I got Jamba Juice, came home and ate, now I have to pack and get ready for my flight tomorrow to the east coast for Christmas. I love my family, but going back for Christmas is so stressful!!!!! Ok, enough complaining... I need to go pack!

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