Thursday, December 20, 2007

i heart yoga

i've been going to yoga a lot lately since i'm off from school/work. it's one of those things that i have always wanted to do while i was offtrack, but haven't actually done it. at yogaworks, they have a new student special - 2 weeks for $30, which is really a great deal! so far, i've tried anusara (which had been pretty challenging), yogaworks, yoga bliss, and power yoga. i'm not sure if it's a coincidence, but i really think it has helped my running. i started yoga last week, before my pain free 9 mile run, and i think all the stretching and "hip opening" has helped, so that's exciting too :) too bad this spring is going to be crazy while i'm working - 3 classes (mon, tues, online), training for the marathon, climbing... i'm going to try to get to yoga at least once a week, maybe twice on weekends when i stay home and don't go to bishop!

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