Monday, December 31, 2007

What a week!

The day after my crappy 11 mile run last Saturday I got on a plane and flew to the east coast for Christmas. Monday morning I ran 3 brisk miles around town, nothing too exciting. Christmas came, I got a new digital camera :), some money and stuff. Eric got me a bracelet and tickets to see Wicked this Friday so I'm excited about that! Wednesday, Thursday, blah blah blah, Waffle House with some friends from high school, etc. I flew home on Friday, which was not too fun because the flight was postponed due to the plane coming from snowy Chicago. FINALLY I get home and get to sleep in my own bed for one night. On Saturday Eric and I ran 6 miles, since we're tapering for the OC 1/2 marathon next weekend, which went okay. We're going to try to put in some speedwork this week in preparation for that. Later Saturday we drove up to Bishop and got a good night's sleep before climbing Sunday and Monday. I impressed myself by climbing pretty well and even sending one of my projects :) Probably due to New Years Eve, there was little traffic on 395 and the 15 on the way home, and we are finally home to stay!!!!

Climbing on Monday at the Pollen Grains -

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