Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First trail run in FOREVER

This morning I met up with Wendy, Skip, and E-rod for my first trail run since my surgery. I was sooo excited to 1. run with the Northern OC contigency again, and 2. run trails again. I was not, however, excited about how cold it was. Low 40s! I know, I know, it could've been way colder. And this is prepping me for my 9 mile run in Bishop this weekend. And I did get to test out my new gloves. They work just fine, so that was good.
Anyway, we started at Cedar Grove park and continued to the east ridge in Peter's Canyon. I have been lacking in the hill work department, and this run threw me right in! It was a little sad how much hill strength I had lost since my surgery :( BUT after a few weeks of hills I'm sure I'll be fine. So the run was challenging, but it was fun and I'm glad to be back with OCTR and the trails :)

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