Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not quite sure how to proceed

So last night we ran 2 miles. I'm not quite sure what to do during my weekly runs. I'm already increasing my weekend long runs by 2 miles per week to try and "catch up" and be ready for LA in March. But I can't keep running 2 and 3 miles during the week and then a long run. I'm not sure how to build up my mileage safely. I was thinking of doing higher mileage on the elliptical, since that could be counted as "running". At least after this marathon I'll be free to run however whenever I want! Apparently Lake Hodges is canceled, which is what I planning on running, so I need a new idea for that too. Maybe something in the early summer... I'll have to double check the TrailRunner race calendar. Ideas?

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Jessica Deline said...

San Juan Trail 50K is a week after Lake Hodges was supposed to be. I think I'll run that one instead. Harder race but much more scenic and closer to home :)